domingo, 27 de abril de 2014


People love too often and they do it too little. It's like opting for using ten small candles to brighten up a room instead of using a lamp. The most reliable source of light, the one that will not leave you alone in the dark should be the preferred one and, of uttermost importance, the only that you will keep with you. Loving should be lived. In fact, one shall only live while capable of loving. Companionship should not be ephemerous and of little importance. Your companion should keep you off the dark for the rest of your life. Candles are not worth the time. If the flame is weak it will perish with a simple breeze. A lamp will only fall down with an earthquake. My words today are far from romantic, candles are much more romantic than lamps (or at least the majority of the weak minded think so). But I hate candles. Today I hate candles. Our flame is eternal: you keep me off the dark and if I perished today I know you would keep my world brighter for all eternity, a burning flame to keep me company through life and beyond. Tomás Roda

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