sábado, 19 de julho de 2014


Today Batik passed to a different plane of existence. Yes, a cat. Or should I say a friend? This is where words fail and mislead us to our worst mistakes. There is not a relative value in what we live, since there is no hierarchy in love. Batik left an important lesson I want to share: in the end a human is just a human; a cat simply a cat; a smile a mere smile. 

I shall never miss anything for its materiality. What one misses is the gap left in one's existence. Unfortunately I could not spend the last few months with Batik and I will never be allowed to again. Little things don't have little importance: my tears were no different and my heart did not race at a different pace. So did I just lose a cat? I lost a part of my existence, so make sure you live every smile like it's the last you will see; take every step like it's the last time you will walk. Live fully and love fully. I did not lose just a cat. 'Til next time Batik

sexta-feira, 18 de julho de 2014

My beating heart

I wish I knew the right path. I wish I remembered how to walk. How to walk alone. I wish I could tell you I know, I knew and I have always known. I lived life without emotions, not knowing right or wrong. Painless and bland life. Nothing and no one changed my mind. It's easier to have a fake smile than to be happy. Easier to fake tears than to go through the pain of being sad. I have always chosen the easy path in life. The only way to follow a clear and safe path... But there was a glow to your hair. When I first saw you I guess I must have drowned in your eyes. Tried to reach for your heart by touching you slowly. Since then I have seen your eyes in tears. Real tears. And your face with a smile. A real smile. I share your emotions and I am living a new and unique life. You are true beauty. I feel myself in you. I cry your tears and smile your happiness. More than external beauty you have a key for my self well being. I forgot how to walk alone. I carry a piece of you in me. I have now lived the most beautiful thing in life... I have reached your heart so that mine could start beating. Thank you.

Tomas Roda