sábado, 24 de maio de 2014

Angels never drown

Angels never drown.

Let me drown in my own tears, but do not drown in yours. Let me drown in your own tears, since your tears are my own.

Waking up and I have a glance at you: whether it rains or not, whether I cry or not, my day always starts bright and ends bright. Thankful for having you when you fall asleep. Because you choose to fall asleep next to me. Thankful when you shout at me because in the end I am the one you choose to shout at. And as I fall asleep...

...In my nightmares you are not around, and in my dreams all I see is you.

 Please let me drown in my own tears, since my tears are from loving you.

 Tomas Roda

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