terça-feira, 12 de novembro de 2013


It's not breathing, neither my heartbeat keeping me alive. Those are just ways to sustain a faulty physical self. Physicality, the physical materialisation/embodiment of an idea, is detrimental. We are walking ideas, walking wishes, walking souls and we are lost. Lost searching for perfection: a perfect life, a perfect love, a perfect story to tell. Nothing good ever comes from perfection. Not because it is unattainable, but for its relativity, unstability and more importantly the need of possession that it creates in us, imperfect physical materialisations of ideas.

But if we need perfection to live, then how are we still alive? Aren't we searching for it our whole lives? We forget that perfection is only immediate and short-lasting. It's a moment, and it's ours. It's a smile and it's mine. Life is not a search after all, it's an avoidance of acceptance that perfection is already within us. An easy answer... and no one likes easy answers.

Tomás Roda

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